How to Do a Disposable Mucus Extractor

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A simple and easy to use disposable mucus extractor is easily improvised out of an IV drip designed for clearing mucus secretions in the newborns either during labour or in Operating Theatre or maternity ward. It is a simple process which can be carried out by a trained medical professional without causing any harm to the baby. The process is quite similar to that of an Enema procedure. It is not necessary to use forceps for this procedure as you can easily do it using a simple plastic syringe attached with nasal cannula. You will feel the suction as you wipe the mucus off from the nasal cannula with your finger tips.
As the process is done under general anesthesia, the mother will not feel the pain associated with the process. This method of getting rid of excess mucus in babies is the most commonly used one and has been used since many years. It can also be used during labour where extra mucus cannot be flushed out due to the presence of large quantities of amniotic fluid inside the baby. It is a simple and easy procedure. Normally a disposable mucus collecting bottle is filled with saline solution and wrapped with a cellophane bag to protect it from the elements.
Mucus can get accumulated in the nasal cavities of the newborn by combination of a warm environment, constant exposure to air, as well as excessive crying from the baby. The mucus collected can be tested for various bacteria and fungi by swabbing the nose. If the tests are positive, the doctor will need to get the collection bottle ready as soon as possible. The process itself can take about thirty minutes to an hour.
The first thing that you need to do is to sterilize the device according to the manufactures instructions. The next step involves putting the solution in the tank. You need to mix the solution with warm water to ensure that it stays clean. Next, you need to position yourself under the sink while you collect the mucus.
Now take the disposable mucus collecting cylinder and turn it upside down. Using a spatula or your finger, scrape the mucus. A small amount of mucus is ideal so that you don't put too much on the spit out. Then place the cleaned up mucus inside the pre-soaked collecting bag. Turn the machine on and allow it to do its job. You will need to monitor the progress of the procedure from time to time in order to ensure that you don't put any excess on the spit out.
The process should only take around 20 minutes depending on the size of the disposable mucus collecting cylinder. This is one of the simplest ways to remove excess mucus from the nose of a newborn. It is also one of the cheapest ways to deal with this problem since you will be using an old bottle of the same.