Taking Care of Your Disposable Medical Suction Extractor

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Taking Care of Your Disposable Medical Suction Extractor
It is important that everyone who uses a disposable medical suction extractor knows the proper way to care for their equipment. Suctioning of the lungs is extremely important and should not be left to chance. By following instructions carefully and by sterilizing the devices you can help to keep them working properly. When choosing a disposable medical suction extractor it is important to choose one that has been approved by the FDA and has a reputation for being durable and for doing a good job of suctioning. Remember, you are using an instrument that will be in your mouth or nose for a long period of time so you need to make sure it is easy to clean.

When you are using a disposable medical suction extractor remember to read the instruction manual carefully before beginning use. There is a warning at the bottom of the manual that says if the equipment gets wet it will cause problems with the equipment. You do not want to ruin the device by getting it wet while you are using it, so be sure to follow all the precautions. Always wash the suction head with warm water after each use to ensure that no bacteria or germs are still present.

It is very important that the disposable medical suction extractor be sanitized. To sanitize the device simply pour a small amount of liquid disinfectant over the head of the unit and then rinse well with clean water. Many people prefer to spray their hands and arms with some rubbing alcohol to kill any germs that might be present on the gloves. This will work but it does not do as good of a job as using the sanitizer straight from the bottle. After you have finished cleaning the disposable medical suction extractor with disinfectant it is important to allow it to dry completely.

Always keep your disposable medical suction extractor in its proper storage container out of direct sunlight and always store in a dry area. When storing the device you want to keep it away from sharp edges. You want to make sure that it is not kept near anything that could scratch or damage the unit. If you are going to store it indoors, then you can place it in a dark cabinet or drawer but don't store it in the same room as any sharp objects.

It is important to take good care of your disposable medical suction extractor. Although they are used infrequently most doctors will suggest that their patients take care of the equipment. For the most part you should wipe it down twice a day with warm water and soap, and when it gets really dirty you will need to clean it with an anti bacterial solution.

In addition to keeping the suction head clean it also is recommended that you clean the suction hose and the hose assembly. The hose should be replaced after several washes with a new one. The suction head should also be cleaned every few washes with some disinfectant.