An Oxygen Mask is a device that carries breathing oxygen from a storage tank to your lungs

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Types of Oxygen Masks

An Oxygen Mask is a device that carries breathing oxygen from a storage tank to your lungs. Oxygen masks may cover your mouth and nose, or your entire face. They may be made of silicone, rubber, or plastic. These devices are used in emergency situations where you need to breathe with extra oxygen. Several types are available. In addition to these types of masks, you should be aware of the type of oxygen tank you need to buy.

A partial rebreather oxygen mask is the least complicated type to use. It is designed to provide approximately ten to twelve liters of oxygen per minute and is attached to an oxygen concentrator. These masks have no one-way valves, so expired air mixes with the inhaled air. They can be noisy and restrict breathing, and may cause the wearer to experience excessive discomfort. They may also be hot, since they cover their mouth.

Depending on the type of oxygen mask, it may also have a face-tight seal, which may be uncomfortable for some people. Besides, it can also interfere with eating and talking. Therefore, it is best to consult a respiratory therapist before attempting to use a high-flow oxygen system. Alternatively, you can use a low-flow oxygen system, which can be applied by a health care provider.

Another type of oxygen mask is transparent, which means that the face remains visible to the healthcare provider. It is not a good choice for mouth breathers, since the face mask is more difficult to use and is more likely to dislodge than a nasal cannula. It is also less effective than the nasal cannula, which delivers oxygen in a more concentrated form. A mask that fits over the nose is most comfortable.

A medical oxygen mask is held in place by medical staff. In emergency cases, it may be fitted with a lightweight elastic headband. However, a fully fitting oxygen mask may have several straps that hold it in place. The mask is typically secured at four points, with the head straps at the top and bottom of the face. Some military oxygen masks have quick-don harnesses to allow rapid mask don during emergency situations.

A non-rebreathing oxygen mask allows the patient to breathe room air if their oxygen source fails. This type of mask is effective for short-term therapy, when a patient needs high oxygen concentrations. However, it is important to check your mask carefully before using it. Before using an oxygen mask, check the following tips to ensure the safety of your patient. If you have any concerns, consult a medical professional. This is a vital tool.

Another type of oxygen mask is the rebreather model. This model is similar to a rebreathing mask, but has a reservoir bag for oxygen. The mask has an inlet with a ribbed design, so more oxygen can be released. The regulator controls the quantity of oxygen in the mask. Breathing bags are also available. With simple fixed flow regulators, the breathing bag can be connected to the oxygen supply hose.

Medical Non-Rebreathing Oxygen Mask With Bag

Single Use/Disposable PVC Non-Rebreathing Mask 


- Provide a high concentration of oxygen

- Offered with head strap and adjustable nose clip

- The star lumen tubing can ensure oxygen flow even if the tube is kinked

- The standard length of tube is 2.1m, and different length is available 

- Available with CE, ISO certificates.