If you want to get rid of mucus you may want to consider an Adult Mucus Extractor

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If you want to get rid of mucus, you may want to consider an Adult Mucus Extractor. This product is not a toy and will not be fun to use. But it is a very useful medical device. The device works by sucking the mucus out of the nose. Most mucus extractors come with a baby safety kit. It is recommended that you purchase one if you have a baby.
There are two main types of mucus extractors: manual and electric. Manual models are inexpensive and are easy to clean. Electric aspirators have a transparent storage chamber, making it easy to see how much mucus is extracted. They also tend to work better, but they can be expensive. They can also be hard to clean, which can lead to germ contamination. Some electric aspirators have inconsistent performance, depending on the amount of power that they receive or the number of times you charge them.
Electric aspirators are more expensive than manual ones, but they can clean easier in the dish washer and they are easy to use. They have transparent storage compartments so you can see the amount of mucus extracted. However, some electric aspirators may be inconvenient because they tend to build up mucus in difficult-to-clean areas, allowing for germ contamination. Some electric aspirators may also give inconsistent results, depending on the battery's charge and power level.
An electric mucus extractor is easier to use than a manual model. They produce more suction than manual models, and the removable battery makes them more convenient to wash. Many electric aspirators also feature a transparent storage compartment, which allows you to see the amount of mucus extracted by using them. They are slightly more expensive than their manual counterparts, but they are less likely to cause injury. Unlike manual aspirators, electric aspirators can also have inconsistent results depending on their charge and power.
While both manual and electric versions work, you should be careful when using them. The tips of the devices should not be inserted too far into the nostrils. They should be placed about a quarter to a half-inch inside the nostrils. You can also use saline drops for more effective results. These tools can also be used by adults who have trouble with mucus and are not allergic to them.
The simplest way to use an Adult Mucus Extractor is to insert the tip into the nostril. You should insert the tip into the nostril and squeeze the bulb to create a vacuum. Then, you should push the tip into the nostril. Then, the bulb should be slowly released to help the mucus to be expelled. It is important to follow the instructions provided with the device. It is recommended to consult a doctor before using a mucus extractor.