The Disposable Anoscope has many advantages

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The Disposable Anoscope from Hangzhou Kangna Medical Instrument Technology Co., Ltd is the premier disposable instrument available in the market today. The unique design of this single-use device eliminates the need for reprocessing and reduces the risk of cross-contamination. The high-performance anoscope is designed with safety, convenience, and comfort in mind. Its performance is unmatched and the user experience is streamlined from the initial setup to use during the procedure.
With a self-contained light source, the Proctolux Proctoscope allows for minimal procedure time and reduced risk of cross-infections. The PROCTOLUX is an extremely affordable solution for a high-quality disposable anoscope that meets professional standards. With the low cost and comprehensive feature set, this disposable instrument is an ideal option for any physician. You can choose to purchase one in bulk or separately, depending on your needs.
Despite the low cost, disposable anoscopes are not cheap. It is recommended to buy a reusable one if the procedure is less than 20 minutes. If the procedure is longer, it is better to use a disposable one. If it is shorter than the desired timeframe, opt for a reusable disposable anoscope. If you're unsure, check with the manufacturer for a sample.
If you prefer a non-reusable anoscope, a PROCTOLUX model would be ideal for your needs. It is cable-less and self-contained, and it's easy to reposition. Plus, it's priced competitively. Overall, the PROCTOLUX is an excellent option for busy surgeons. So, whether you need a disposable anoscope for your office or need one for a clinic, it's the ideal choice for your practice.
The PROCTOLUX Anoscope has many advantages. Its self-contained design eliminates the need for cleaning and charging the equipment. Its unique 'CLEAR VIEW' system protects the light guide tip during insertion, delivering maximum light to the examination site. And it's a great option for reducing costs. This device saves you time and money, which is essential for the diagnosis and treatment of patients.
The PROCTOLUX is an exclusive self-contained anoscope that uses a 45 degree bevel at the distal end. It's cable-less and features a unique 'CLEAR VIEW' system to reduce the risk of cross-infection. The PROCTOLUX is the ideal solution for busy practices. This self-contained anoscope with an obturator is the perfect tool for your medical practice.
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