Vinyl gloves are a great option for many applications

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Disposable Vinyl Gloves
Vinyl gloves are a popular choice for a variety of cleaning jobs that do not require extensive contact with hazardous materials, but still require protection against contamination. They are ideal for domestic applications as well as for use in manufacturing, assembly, and care home roles. They are becoming more popular as the number of allergy sufferers increases, and are a low-allergen alternative to latex gloves.
Though they are not as robust as nitrile, latex, or biohazard gloves, vinyl gloves have several benefits that outweigh their downsides. They are also one of the least expensive disposable safety gloves available. Because of their versatility, they are often used in industries with high glove turnover and low exposure risks to hazardous materials.
Disposable vinyl gloves should be disposed of properly to avoid the development of harmful chemicals. Unlike latex gloves, vinyl gloves can create dioxin when they are improperly disposed of. Vinyl gloves are made from synthetic materials, and therefore can have a shorter shelf life. However, they can still provide an adequate level of protection if they are thick enough.
Disposable vinyl gloves are available in a variety of sizes. You can choose a pair based on the thickness and elasticity you need. Latex and nitrile gloves offer good tensile strength, while vinyl gloves are soft and provide a looser fit. They come in extra small, medium, and large sizes. You can use a measuring tape to determine the right size.
The thickness of the gloves is measured in mils. Most disposable gloves are four to eight mils thick. A lower gauge allows for greater flexibility and dexterity, while a higher gauge provides more durability. The thickness of the gloves also affects their grip level. General purpose disposables are 4-6 mils thick and approximately 9 1/2 inches long, while high-risk gloves can be up to twelve inches long.
Vinyl gloves are a great option for many applications. They offer adequate protection for a variety of activities and are inexpensive. They are also an excellent choice for short-term use. They can also be reused. And unlike latex, vinyl gloves do not cause allergic reactions. These gloves are also excellent for wet handling.
Latex gloves are made from a plant product called latex. The latex proteins present in latex gloves make them an effective barrier against harmful chemicals. However, some people may experience an allergic reaction to latex. As a result, manufacturers are working on a latex-free version of the gloves.

Disposable Transparent PVC Vinyl Gloves

Matters needing attention when using PVC gloves:

1. Disposable PVC gloves do not have high temperature resistance and insulation performance. Can not be used in high temperature workplace, absolutely not allowed to be used as insulating gloves;
2. Once the disposable PVC gloves are cut, the protective effect will be affected. Do not use them.
3. Disposable PVC gloves should be kept ventilated and dry during storage to prevent moisture and mildew;
4. Disposable PVC gloves should not contact corrosive substances when using.