What Does an Oxygen Mask Do?

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An oxygen mask helps you breathe by transferring oxygen from a storage tank to your lungs. It covers your nose and mouth and may come in a variety of designs. You can buy a mask made of plastic, silicone, rubber, or a combination of all three. Sometimes you can use a nasal cannula instead of an oxygen mask. Your doctor can tell you the type of oxygen mask you need for your particular condition.
An oxygen mask is connected to an oxygen supply by a hose. Sometimes, the hose has a ribbed or corrugated design to facilitate a tighter seal, and the regulator controls the amount of oxygen flowing through the mask. Similarly, breathing bags are attached to the oxygen supply hose with a simple fixed flow regulator. The respiratory rate indicator is crucial for monitoring oxygen supply and flow rates, and it is important to keep it firmly in place.
An oxygen mask holds about 10-20 minutes of oxygen in the event of an emergency, but you will only have enough for so long. The bag does not inflate, but rises and falls with your breathing. If the pressure drops again, the mask will automatically fall back down and allow you to breathe normally. The mask should also be worn for at least eighteen seconds. During this time, you will experience symptoms of hypoxia, including drowsiness and blackouts. You may also pass out or even die. If you need help, call 911 immediately.
Non-rebreather masks are also available. They cover the mouth and nose and are attached by an elastic band to the head. A reservoir bag attached to the mask is inflated about two-thirds full before it is placed on the patient. When the reservoir bag deflates, oxygen cannot enter the mask, preventing the patient from breathing. A simple mask can be found at most hospital emergency rooms. A mask that covers the mouth and nose is usually the least complicated.
Non-rebreather masks are the most popular type of oxygen mask. They help people who can still breathe on their own, but need extra oxygen to survive. They are also used in emergency situations and for treatment of several medical conditions. Oxygen is pumped from a tank into a reservoir bag. A one-way valve connects the reservoir bag to the mask and oxygen moves into the mask when the person breathes.
Another type of oxygen mask is the simple face mask, which is used for short-term low-flow therapy. It is made of clear plastic and is held in place with an elastic strap. The body of the mask contains a small bag that stores oxygen between the patient's breaths. The sides of the mask contain ports to allow room air to mix with oxygen and exhaled air to escape. The oxygen concentration delivered is based on the rate and depth of breathing.
Face masks and nasal cannulas are used to deliver oxygen. These devices can be worn at home and are less intrusive than other oxygen delivery methods. Face masks are also more comfortable because they cover the mouth and nose. They also help the patient eat and speak freely without a problem. 

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